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With internal combustion engine concrete mixing tank


With Internal Combustion Engine Concrete Mixing Tank

  JCR series of concrete mixing tank is compact, no external power source. The mixing tank and the truck chassis are firmly connected by the u-shaped riding bolt to form a concrete conveying vehicle, used to quickly transport the mixed concrete to the designated construction site. It is easy to install the diesel engine from its own device, and it is not necessary to modify the chassis of the vehicle. By its own device of the diesel engine as the power source, easy to install, do not need to use the car chassis for modification. During the working process, the drum will rotate continuously to ensure that the concrete is not isolated, not precipitated, and the slurry is not leaking, to ensure the quality of concrete in transit.
  It is widely used in advanced highway, bridge, municipal, urban construction and other concrete engineering and concrete mixer, mixing station supporting the use.

Technical Parameters
Model JCR6 JCR3
Power 40kw 16.2kw
Mixing volume 6m3 3m3
Mixing geometric 10.2m3 4.87m3
volume Mixing speed 1-12r/min 1-12r/min
charge-weight ratio 63% 63%
Feeding height 3.6m 3.15m
Weight 4500kg 2900kg
Dimension 5475×2200×2600mm 4500×2000

Note: as the product is updated, the technical parameters are not otherwise communicated.

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