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Wengong invested in Oujiang Shangyuan industrial port, and made new achievements

Time:2023/11/18Author:adminClick: 412

Wengong invested in Oujiang Shangyuan industrial port, and made new achievements. 

Autumn wind send cool. In the new, beautiful season, Wengong ushered in a new happy event. 

Recently, Oujiang Shangyuan industrial port in Oujiang, which was invested by Wengong, held a grand ceremony. Wengong industry development has been adhering to the“Forge Ahead, Reform and innovation”, committed to innovation in seeking exhibition, in exploration to speed up industrial transformation.

Wengong is a professional manufacturer of mechanical construction equipment, and the vice director of China Loose Cement Mechanical Construction Equipment Technical Committee.

Not long ago, Wengong successfully developed the “High-rise fire-extinguishing electromagnetic projectile fire-extinguishing bomb”, an invention patent granted by the State Intellectual Property Office (ZL20221076784.3) . With the rapid development of high-rise buildings, fire-fighting of high-rise buildings has been a worldwide problem. Fire ladders can not effectively rescue high-rise fires. In recent years, fire-fighting uavs and missile fire engines for high-rise buildings have emerged because uavs have a limited number of fire-fighting projectiles and can not get close to the source of fire, which is inefficient, the cost of fire-fighting missile is high, and it is difficult to popularize. The electromagnetic ejection technology developed by thermotechnical research and development is mature, and has the advantages of adjustable loading force, large range, simple adjustment, multiple loading, high repeatability, and safety and reliability, it provides a new and efficient solution for high-rise building fire fighting. 

Not long after, the successful“Cement concrete 3D printer head” developed by Wengong was granted a patent by the State Intellectual Property Patent Office (ZL20232133533.1) , with the rapid development of construction technology in our country and the advancement of Intelligent Digital Construction Technology, the technology of 3D concrete printer head developed successfully by Wengong is to overcome the traditional construction tools and methods, it has opened up a new technical path, its appearance for the concrete three-dimensional printing technology digital, intelligent has a positive role, for the promotion of new changes in the construction industry is of great significance.

In recent years, Wengong has made steady progress and made positive changes. The good news is that Wengong will start production at the Shangyuan industrial port in Oujiang this year to meet the new year's challenges.

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